Vox Populi Episode 15 – Appearances

Maniacs for Comics, the story begins with Catherine going after a clue that her informant passed to her. Arriving at an old abandoned warehouse, she stumbles upon Jessica. A new reporter very clogged. After discussing who is left and who leaves a mysterious car arrives and from inside leaves Senator Cormack. A worthless man, involved in corruption and prostitution, and with links to the Mafia. Along with him comes a mysterious woman in an even stranger dress. To Catherine’s surprise, the Senator grabs the woman and forces her to have sex with him. Catherine knows she could very well kill him without the slightest effort so why is she letting him do it. At some point, a Gothic schoolgirl jumps over the Senate with a sword almost the size of her and cuts Cormack in half. In a state of shock, Catherine and Jessica leave the warehouse and the other day Jessica told everything to her boss. Knowing that this could make a good story and that it would be too big for Catherine to do alone, even if she insists on doing it alone, she accepts a team. This is just the beginning of a great story.